Stationary Compactors: high volume at a low operational cost

With their tremendous power, stationary compactors are ideal for handling high volumes of dry waste and recyclables generated by commercial enterprises such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, sports and entertainment complexes, retailers, supermarkets, shopping centers, manufacturers and distribution centers.

Any facility that generates a large mix of dry waste will reap the benefits of a Friedman stationary compactor. They reduce pilferage and stop windblown debris. They also significantly reduce the number of refuse pickups necessary for disposing waste.

Augur stationary compactors provide a higher compaction ratio than standard ram compactors, reducing the number of refuse pickups even more. They also offer the fastest feeding compactor available, with no back-and-forth movement, only continuous forward packing power.

We can customize the feeding method of each compactor to suit your physical location. Options include multi-story drop chutes, through-the-wall chutes, and dock, ground and cart-dump systems.

Available in sizes from 2 to 6 cubic yards.